Body Beautiful Care Package

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Bamboo Lemongrass Body scrub is a mind – body & spirit uplift. Purifying to the circulation while invigorating sensations are firming the skin. Our Transformative Hand Crème Treatment is a botanical bonanza that heals on contact. Rich luxurious healing properties for all the punishing things we do to our hands. The Fabulous Foot Lotion has a sensational aroma of mystical forces. Softens and prevents callouses while romancing your mind.

  • Bamboo Lemon grass Body Scrub
  • Fabulous Foot Lotion
  • Transformative Hand Créme

Environmentally safe, all ingredients are easily compostable.

All our products are handcrafted with unique blends of nature's goodness.
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Product Description

Silky Soft Skin Refinement with Refreshing Aromas, Purifying and Up Lifting. 100% Organic

Handcrafted with unique blends of nature’s goodness.