White Gold Wellness Chalk


700g / 25 oz.
Exfoliant – Improves blood circulation – pH balancer –
98% calcium carbonate & rich in trace minerals –
100 % organic


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Product Description


Wellness Chalk developed from the build-up of shell residues of prehistoric aquatic residues of prehistoric aquatic micro-organisms on the Isle of Reugen in Northern Germany. Known for centuries for its therapeutic effects, this traditional therapy is sought out for its beauty, elegance and good health.

Cleansing and purifying the face & body through multi-purpose uses: facial peeling, hydro therapy treatments (baths), foot soaks – this will improve blood circulation, balances acidity, detoxify the whole body. It consists of 98% calcium and a range of mineral nutrients including magnesium, iron, aluminum, and phosphor compounds.

Baltic Sea Thalasstherapy, highly recommended for All skin types!

Recommended for:
All skin types

How To:

Tablespoon / 30g approximate –
Mix with cool to tepid water or a Hydrosol, into soft paste, gently massage onto face and neck.
KEEP WET for 2 – 15 minutes, with misting. Best rinsed in the shower.
Use 2 – 4 x’ s per week.
Follow up with a Hydrosol and Aromatherapy oil after each treatment of White Gold.

500g – 700g into bathwater. Can be used with Aromatherapy or Salts.
Detoxifying, will increase blood circulation. Do Not Use if you have HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE.
Use With Caution, Rest for appropriate time after bath.

Foot Soak:
200 – 300g, repeat Bath instructions.

Pre historic aquatic microorganisms, Calcium carbonate formed by single cell algae-marine plankton.
98% calcium and a range of mineral nutrients including magnesium, iron, aluminum and phosphor compounds.

From the Isle of Ruegen in Northern Germany