Cucumber Hydrosol (Flowers of Cucumis sativus)


4 oz.

  • Soothing, Cooling, Refreshing,
  • Hydration extraordinaire
  • 100% Organic
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Product Description

This pure organic distillate of cucumber flowers has many valuable applications.
As an eye compress it refines fine lines, reduce puffiness, eases itchiness.
Spray face and neck to refresh the mind and revive tired eyes. Keep it next to the computer.
Tonifies and firms delicate to dry skins.
Instant relief from overheating due to PMS symptoms, menopausal, athletic activity.
Spray a yoga mat, the car, the bathroom.
Anti-inflammatory, reduces redness, ideal for oily skins.
Emotionally clears negativity.

Recommended for:
All skin types
Puffy eyes
Over heating

How To:
Spray or splash face, neck and décolleté, hair and body.
Eye Compresses
Mist facial masques to improve benefits.
Use repeatedly, all day, every day.

Distilled organic of Cucumis staivus flowers