Rose Hydrosol (Rosa damascena)


4 oz.
  • Abundant in healing properties
  • Soothes anxiety
  • Retains moisture
  • Blances the sebaceous glands
  • 100% organic

Product Description


A Myriad of uses, ideal for chemically sensitive people, calms the mind,

eases anxiety, soothes PMS and menopause symptoms, supports moisture retention, refines wrinkles,

heals eczema, clod sores, mildy astringent, hydrating, enhances meditation.

Rose hydrosol has been used for millennia and continues to delighted and dazzle.

Keep it next to the computer to refresh the mind and body.

Makes an exquisite Gift

Recommended for:

All skin types, sensitive skin, sunburns, acne prone, stressed skins

Supports emotional happiness

How To:

Spray or splash on face and neck

Mist hair

Add into facial masques

Use all day everyday


Distilled organic Rosa damascena